Motorized and automated window coverings

Motorized and automated window coverings provide simple solutions for your window treatments. Whether trying to reduce the glare on your computer screen or protecting your valuable furnishings from UV exposure, home and office spaces can now integrate one touch controls.

  • Battery or hardwired in.
  • Battery – for already installed windows.
  • New homes – hardwire during build, whether or not you install the blinds now. The house is wired for when you’re ready to install motorized coverings.
  • Speak with one of Island Window Coverings experts in motorized before completing your home – advice and recommendations to ensure proper wiring, access to box, …

Motorized and automated window coverings not only provide control, privacy and convenience but they also are energy efficient solutions providing heat and sun protection. During the winter, heat is lost through windows whereas during the summer, glazing can magnify the sun’s rays making it difficult to keep a home cool. Simply adding the appropriate energy-efficient window treatment can help retain a home’s heat in the winter or reduce the amount of solar heat filtered through during those hot summer months.